Why pigeons and gulls are sending council costs rocketing

A recent report stated that the amount spent on getting rid of gulls and pigeons from England’s streets is almost double that of three years ago. Around 60 per cent of councils in England submitted figures on their spending on bird control and it was revealed that the outlay increased from around £450,000 in 2013 and 2014 to well over £800,000 in 2015 and 2016.

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Serious issue

Around two years ago, David Cameron, who was the prime minister at the time, urged for debate on the bird situation after gulls in Cornwall launched attacks on pets, including a tortoise and a dog. Bird droppings can also be detrimental to health, as they carry a range of bacterial and fungal diseases. When bird faeces dry out, they can be inhaled and lead to respiratory problems. Even birds’ skin and feathers can be home to numerous parasites, such as lice and ticks. Some diseases transmitted by birds can even be fatal, while their nests and feeding areas can attract rodents.

Pigeon waste not only pollutes urban environments but can also take its toll on our beaches. Swimming in sea water full of bird droppings is not recommended for anyone’s health.

Methods used

Typical ways of controlling bird populations include wire, shooting, spikes, trapping, and systems whereby electric shocks deter birds from congregating. Councils have been spending money on measures such as the removal of dead birds, giving buildings the pigeon-proof treatment, and cleaning up bird droppings.

Controlling the pigeon population is important, as installing anti-pigeon devices in a building may only serve to make the creatures shift to another building nearby. In London, there have been collective efforts to eradicate gulls and pigeons from structures. If you have any concerns that you or someone you care about could be at risk of contracting a disease from birds, it could be time to call in nuisance bird management services.

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Birds are lovely at a distance, but living with them could present grave health issues. If birds are nesting in your office or home, rapid action is required.