Perth prepares to host Australia hockey league

The vibrant city of Perth prepares to host some of the world’s elite athletes as they gather to compete in the Australian Hockey League Tournament (AHL 2016). With competitors and spectators travelling from all over the world, it looks set to be a sensational celebration.


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The Australian Hockey League Tournament may be an officially domestic tournament, but it has a decidedly international flavour. Competitions will not only be from Australia, but they will also see teams flown in from New Zealand, Malaysia, India and other places.

Peter Churack, Hockey WA chief executive, commented that this year’s competition was expected to be the biggest and best in the history of the tournament. “For the first time ever, both the men and women’s events will take place at the same venue,” Churack commented. “It is a fantastic, family-friendly event.”

A Growing Sport

Hockey is a major world sport that is growing in popularity all the time. It is an excellent form of cardiovascular fitness that improves coordination, muscle tone, and anaerobic resistance. A number of studies have been conducted on the significance of playing sport in terms of socialisation, teamwork, and even self-worth. For this reason, many people become involved in team sports from an early age and find that they make friends that last a lifetime.

Give Hockey a Try

With a major tournament and more local leagues than ever, why not try hockey for yourself? Parents may want to encourage their children to try the sport and enjoy the support of a team in addition to all the health benefits of regular exercise. Students may join a team to make new friends and unwind with a physical activity after their studies. More mature players find that hockey can keep them strong and supple.

You can practise at home or with friends using online resources like exercise sheets or a field hockey drill video. If you’re thinking, “where can I get a hockey drill video?,” YouTube and reputable sports pages are full of helpful examples. Good preparation and injury prevention are also vital, so be sure to read up online for how to stay safe.

You can play strictly for fun or even discover a talent you did not know you had. Soon you might be playing in the AHL firsthand!