How to store pallets safely

It is essential for businesses looking to maintain a spotless health and safety record to store pallets safely, which not only protects people on the premises but also avoids damage to pallets and the goods they are holding. Let’s take a look at some of the most important measures to get right.


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Choosing storage location

The best approach to storing your pallets is to find a location well away from any kind of fire hazard. This is ultimately more important than whether you store the pallets inside or outside. Many manufacturing, engineering and industrial businesses will have flammable materials on site, such as compressed gas, and pallets must be kept away from these.

If you are storing your pallets inside, it is also vital to have a working sprinkling system in place to put out any flames if a fire takes hold. Remember that plastic pallets are a particular danger here, as their material makes them particularly flammable and difficult to control in a fire because plastic burns at a higher temperature than wood.

Considering numbers

If your business is storing 50 or fewer pallets, it is good practice to locate them 20 feet away from the nearest building. This also provides a physical barrier in case of fire. If you are storing between 50 and 200, best practice guidelines recommend increasing this storage distance to 30 feet. For any storage amounts over 200 pallets, increase the distance to 50 metres.

Using racks

If you have bought products such as Duffy Discount bin racks, you will already be committing to a safe working environment as part of your drive to keep it clean and well organised; however, your pallets should not be stored on a rack if you are operating a warehouse unless your sprinkler system can cope specifically with this kind of layout.

Stacking safety

It is also vital that you stack pallets safely. Do not allow stacked pallets to go higher than six feet; in addition, limit the grouping of these pallet stacks to just four at a time if using indoor storage. This advice applies to wooden pallets; if you are using plastic pallets, keep them in two stacks that do not exceed four feet for indoor storage. This stacking protocol also helps to mitigate fire risks and protects passers-by from any falling danger.