Galapagos Island Attractions You Don’t want to Miss

If you want a break from everyday life to a place that hasn’t been touched by the rise of technology or the stench of sewers, then look no further than the Galapagos Islands. These unique islands stand out from the rest of the world because they have managed to remain true to the nature and wildlife that call these islands their homes. From giant tortoises, to marine iguanas, there is plenty of wildlife species that are completely unique to the Galapagos Islands. If you want to see it all, it is advised to opt for one of the Galapagos cruises from, which will take you to every one of the main attractions that these breath-taking islands have to offer.

Galapagos Island Attractions You Don’t want to Miss

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Here are some more attractions and sights that you don’t want to miss whilst visiting the islands:

Los Túneles

If you love water sports, but don’t have the weather for it back home, then you are going to love the Los Tuneles. Take a 30-minute boat ride from Puerto Villamil, where you can experience the deep blue sea like never before. Snorkelling is immensely popular here, allowing tourists the chance to get up close and personal with sea lions, turtles, sea horses, manta rays and even white-tipped sharks. Don’t worry, there will be a trained guide and assistants to help you through the process.

Volcán Sierra Negra

This natural landmark is a must-see attraction. Measuring a massive 1490m, you don’t want to miss this volcano adventure. According to Lonely Planet, the volcano last erupted in late 2005 and it is also home to a range of bird specied including hawks, short-eared owls, flycatchers and finches etc. However, it is worth keeping in mind that it can be incredibly easy to get lost out there, which is why it is advised to take a guided tour of the area.

Charles Darwin Research Institute

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Charles Darwin Research Institute. This informative museum is home to Darwins favourite species including Darwin’s Finches, tortoises and giant tortoises. You will also have the chance to watch them hatch from their eggs and take strolls through paths containing salt bushes, prickly pears and salt bushes. Learn about the life and works of this remarkable man and snap a few great shots along the way.